Goodbye dear readers

The purpose of this site, since its creation in May 2005, was to make my didactic books accessible for Arabic professors, teachers and students inside and outside Algeria. These books were sold out immediately after their publication.

I hoped that this site participated with others to illuminate the cultural scene even if its light was very faint. I communicated with the readers during these sixteen years and I have done my best to respond to their request.

Unfortunately, technical characteristics of this site become obsolete and their update becomes necessary. It is time for persons in my age to hand over the torch to young people.

It pains me to see the glow of this site go out but I do hope that the young creative people dedicate part of their time to illuminate the cultural and artistic scene. Life becomes dull and sterile without culture and arts.

 I reassure dear readers that my didactic books are now available on the internet; some are free, some at symbolic and cheap price.

You can find my books in the following link:


You can still contact me via Facebook, Twitter and email.

I would like to use this occasion to thank Mrs A. El- Maouhab and all the technicians and workers in the Research Centre For Scientific and Technical Information for their help and support during all these years. I would like also to thank those who helped me to build this website. The first one was the great novelist Mr. Taher Wattar, God have mercy on him, who helped me making the first copy of the website and called it “A writer from Algeria”. The second is Mr. Mourad Kenouna who developed the site in 2014 and added a touch of beauty to it.

Finally, I pray God that He may help me to continue writing and I wouldn’t say farewell but I say stay in touch.

ÚÈÏ Çááå ÎãøÇÑ

Abdellah Khammar







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